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Waste Management, Inc. is an American waste management, comprehensive waste, and environmental services company in North America. Founded in 1968, the company is headquartered in the First City Tower in Houston, Texas. The company's network includes 346 transfer stations 293 active landfill disposal sites, 146 recycling plants,111 beneficial-use landfill gas projects and six independent power production plants.[citation needed] Waste Management offers environmental services to nearly 21 million residential, industrial, municipal and commercial customers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. With 26,000 collection and transfer vehicles, the company has the largest trucking fleet in the waste industry.[citation needed] Together with its competitor Republic Services, Inc, the two handle more than half of all garbage collection in the United States.

A customer shared this critical review. "This is the WORST service. Fees are constantly climbing, they often leave the bin full. Since day 1 the bin has been missing a wheel and they never bothered to fix it. After paying a huge bill and an extra fee, and speaking on the phone with an agent for forty minutes, they promised me that they would do a pick up on friday. They did not pick up on friday, despite the fact that I dragged the frozen, one wheeled trash bin through the snow in minus 7 degree weather. On calling, I indicated that the bin is still at the roadside, and reiterated their promise to pick it up. They stated that they could not get a truck out here because we are expecting bad weather (forecast is clear until friday). Wish I had read the reviews before paying their EXPENSIVE fees. Cancelled service today."


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vic p says

"conflicting information from two different individuals who really dont know if i get at least 1 bulk pickup a year with this anti trust defeating dominating conglomerate dictating geedy company that charges way to much money for any local dumping at their yards and limiting customers the option to take to the dump themselves 1 stinkin bulk pick up a year to their dumps for them. when they have a fleet of trucks larger than hitlars army. also sending said people to the extreme other side of town to do so when they have another one of waste managements mismanaged dumps in their own neighborhood with hundreds of acres at their disposal. No frickin wonder this whole city is literally burying itself with litter scattered all over the city and its desert to this i say its ALL your fault you stinkin greedy fascist organization "

Rob Lauder says

"We are like so many others. WM miss our road and when rung on a daily basis we are told it will be today. But it isn't. You get the impression they know full well it won't happen. Really really really bad service. Will be looking for an alternate service when this year's contract is up. I'll keep the bin rather than pay their pickup fee"

unhappy customer says

"Potential customers beware, It is Waste Managements policy to charge customers a 75.00 dollar fee to pick up the empty trash bins when you cancel your service."

Brian Ray says

"Not uncommon to have our trash missed on pickup. Sometimes the entire road is missed. I call and am told it will be picked up the next day. It never is. After the latest fiasco i finally got hold of a dispatch manager. He told me there wasnt a truck in our area until the next week. No apologies. Its obvious no one cares. Im paying $150 every 3 months for 2 cans. Terrible company. I along with many neighbors are switching."

Over It says

"No matter the location, commercial or residential, this company is a joke, worth no more than the trash they pick up. Lie to the customer until he/she gives up. Great work practice."

Paul Garcia says

"My recycling cart was carried away by some very strong winds close to one month ago. The terms of my service are that I am entitled to a free replacement cart when this happens. Today is the third missed appointment for delivery of the cart. The first two appointments were made for a normal service date. Yesterday after I complained again, I was promised the cart was available and would be delivered today. Naturally it wasn\'t. Since my city contracts with Waste Management for trash pickup, the next step if I don\'t have a replacement cart by this Monday is to note everyone I speak to and name names at the City Council meetings so that screw ups will be part of the public record. Hopefully a little shame will work where a desire to do one\'s job is not present."

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